Understanding Reports

Accountability reports, which contain high-scoring sites that have been visited by the user, are emailed periodically to their partner(s). The report contains several sections, as described below.

Accountability Reports can also be generated at any time by logging into your account on www.webchaver.org. If you are an accountability chaver, you can create a free account on WebChaver to generate reports and Detailed Logs, by clicking here.

Quicklook Summary

The summary contains a overall picture of your browsing history. It lists the dates covered by the report, the three most frequently visited sites, and the times that were most active online. It also indicates whether the report is satisfactory, or requires further review. For more info on this feature, click here.

Site Report

The site report lists the 20 most visited sites, and how many times they were accessed. Often when visiting a website, CE will report multiple hits.

This section can optionally be disabled by the user.

Note: By clicking on on the ?-mark symbol next to the websites listed in the report, you will be brought to a page on our site that contains some helpful tips and tools for determining the nature of a site, without having to visit it directly.

High Rated Sites

This section lists the sites that rated the highest. Generally the rating is a good indicator, but sometimes innocent sites may receive a high rating. It is important to take into account the name of the site, the amount of hits, as well as the time and frequency of such scores. This information can be found in the sections below. We strongly suggest reviewing the detailed logs related to the site in question before drawing any conclusions. When in doubt the best solution is direct contact with your partner.

For more information about high rated sites, click here.

High Scores Breakdown

This is basically a breakdown of the high scoring sites that were listed above. This section is essential for determining the extent a specific website was used, and if it was truly visited or simply part of an advertisement or banner.

Occasionally, high-scoring sites will appear on the report from banners and pop-up advertisements.

Please see our Web Safety Tips page for tips on how to prevent troublesome advertisements from displaying.

Hourly Breakdown

This chart lists web activity, indicating the times of day that the Internet was most frequently used.

Note: In order to mantain chronological accuracy of the reports, you must set your timezone settings to reflect the timezone you are in. This can be done by logging in to our Member Center.

Unusual Activity

This section shows whether the internet was used in an unusual manner, such as by proxy, or in other ways which may indicate potential unmonitored use. It will also show if the software was re-installed, and if an uninstall code was generated.

Occasionally, the message "Covenant Eyes was abnormally terminated" will appear in this section. It does not necessarily indicate anything ominous. It may be caused by the computer hanging or restarting abnormally. If this is a frequent message, speak to your partner to determine the cause.

Web Searches

This is a list of potentially inappropriate web searches. Often innocent searches will appear here as well. The search term should be quite telling of its nature.

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