Being a WebChaver

Thank you. In the next few days, you will begin to receive reports from the user who has designated you as a Chaver.

In order to assure that you receive the reports, you MUST add: reports@webchaver.org and accounts@webchaver.org to your address book. (This can often be accomplished easily by sending a blank email to these addresses.)

Thank you for your response. The WebChaver user will be notified that you do not wish to receive their internet usage reports.

Create a FREE Chaver account

If you wish to properly monitor your chaver's internet usage then you should create a Chaver Account. It is FREE and allows you to generate reports of your chaver's activity at any time.
In addition if you are requested to manage your chaver's filter then you will need an account.

CLICK HERE to create a free Chaver Account.

You may also choose to create your own WebChaver account where you can designate your own partners to monitor your Internet usage and keep you safe and responsible.

If you are already a WebChaver user, you will be able to manage all the people you receive reports from within your account.

The WebChaver system....

  • monitors web activity and emails reports to selected individuals. Partners receive an email if software is uninstalled or disabled, and the computer will be unable to access the internet.
  • provides internet protection for individuals, families, office staff, and schools.
  • has easy steps to sign-up and download the software.
  • is extremely inexpensive.
  • includes free software upgrades.
  • allows you downloads onto additional computers at no extra charge. (Up to 5)
  • is very difficult to bypass – even for the computer savvy.
Learn more by viewing the 'How it Works' page.
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