What is YishmorEini?

YishmorEini monitors internet activity and reports inappropriate use to the user’s accountability partner. The program is completely anonymous; only the Rav knows participants’ identities, and he only receives reports that contain inappropriate activity.

YishmorEini is a community-based program which is led by the Rav of each community, each member is assigned a unique number. Only the Rav is aware of the identity of the person to which the number corresponds to. Every member installs a software onto their computer which sends biweekly reports to the YishmorEini monitoring team for review. The monitoring team does not know whose reports they are reviewing, since the reports are labeled by number only (no names). If, and only if, there is a report that is problematic, will the report be forwarded to the Rav assigned to that specific number. This way one is assured that when using the internet responsibly, his activity remains completely private. He is also aware that should he ch”v use the internet inappropriately, his Rav will receive his report.

To date, over 25 Rabbanim and communities have partnered with YishmorEini to help their Kehilla use the internet responsibly.

To set up your Shul with a Yishmoreini group, please sign up and chooose the option to create a Yishmoreini group. Contact us for more info or assistance.

Participating Rabbanim

  • Lakewood, NJ
    • Harav Simcha Bunim Cohen, K’hal Ateres Yeshaye
    • Harav Shia Gelbwachs, (Ridge)
    • Harav Yosef Greenfield, Chestnut
    • Harav Eli Herzka, Me’or Chaim
    • Harav Moshe Chaim Kahan, Bais Shalom V’Rayus
    • Harav Avrohom Kammer, Nachlas Yaakov (Central Court)
    • Harav Shloime Lowy, Presidential Estates Se’fard
    • Harav Avrohom Miller, B’M Kol Yehuda (Brookhill Ashkenaz)
    • Harav Menachem Mintz, Coventry Shul (Mishkoltz)
    • Harav Raphael Paschkusz, Bais Elimelech
    • Harav Yaakov Yosef Rotenberg, B"M Shaarei Shlomo
    • Harav Chaim Mayer Roth, Sterling Forest Se’fard
    • Harav Avrohom Shemano, Khal Torah U'tefilah
    • Harav Noach Witty, Khal Yaakov Akiva (Raintree)
    • Harav Moshe Shimon Wosner, Chateau Park Se’fard
    • Harav Yosef Zimbal, Westgate Community
    • Harav Aaron Zuckerman, K’hal Zichron Pinchas
  • Oak Park, MI
    • Harav Simcha Klein, Cong. Ahavas Olam
  • Brooklyn, NY
    • Harav Shmuel Wallerstein, Ohr Yitzchok
  • Monsey, NY
    • Visnitz Monsey, Kehillas Visnitz Monsey
  • Passaic, NJ
    • Harav Shmuel Berkovicz, Khal Yereim
    • Harav Yitzchok Celnik, B’M Alumni Yeshiva Gedolah of Passaic
    • Harav Menachem Spira, B”M Zichron Eliezer
    • Harav Menachem Zupnik, Bais Torah Utefilah
  • Yerushalayim
    • Harav Shmuel Weiner
    • Harav Yitzchok Kalifon
  • London, UK
    • Belz London, Va’ad Mishmeres Habayis
  • Other
    • Venishmartem.com Community (Knas Based Accountability)
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