About us

WebChaver was founded in 2008, as a small project for their local community in Jerusalem. Since then, we have grown to become a world recognized name in the Jewish Orthodox community. The WebChaver program has spread to all corners of the globe, to nearly every country where Observant Jews are found. Individuals, families, schools and businesses, from Australia to South America and from New York to London, have discovered the effectiveness of WebChaver.

Our non-profit organization is dedicated to the encouragement and education of internet safety to assist people in accessing the internet in a safe way, that conforms with the moral standard of our community:

  • We promote the use of filters and monitoring services for those who find it necessary to use the internet.
  • We provide advice, education, and convenient ways to sign up to these services, as well as providing discounts for the services by arranging a group rate.
  • We specifically promote the use of the Covenant Eyes monitoring system, as we feel it provides the most flexible and strongest method to accomplish the above-stated purposes.

Individuals and families can benefit from the WebChaver sytem, as a solid method of protecting themselves and their family.
Groups (Schools, Businesses etc.) can create a WebChaver group, which allows for a designated group monitor to oversee (without access to the actual web activity reports) that group members are using the webChaver system on their computers.

WebChaver does not in any way promote internet use. WebChaver is designed to help those who are already using the internet for legitimate uses, to do so as safely as possible. We strongly encourage the use of a filter in addition to WebChaver, to prevent accidental stumbling upon objectionable material.

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