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Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible and to help you develop the skills for understanding what is reported. Below you will find several tools to help you identify the nature of any website.

Website Breakdown

The website in question is: http://www.example.com

Domain (Website name):

www.example.com (click to copy)

Path (specific page on the website):

Domain Information (from Livigent)

If you dont receive any results then try it directly from the livigent test site. Click here

Additional Sources to Check Website Ratings

Below are some methods of checking the nature of a questionable website, without viewing it directly.

The Blue Coat WebPulse Site Review allows you to check the current rating of a site on their system. Thsi is the same rating system used by K9 filter.

You will need to copy and paste the name of the website: www.example.com into the form that will appear.

With one of the largest domain-reputation databases in the world, Trend Micro’s web reputation technology is another excellent resource.

You will need to copy and paste the name of the website: www.example.com into the form that will appear.

Tips and Suggestions:

  • If the domain (website) name above contains any profane/vulgar words you can be pretty sure that the site is problematic. We recommend to email the user for clarification.
  • If only the path (specific page) contains vulgar or profane words then the page most likely has questionable content. However, it may be something else. - For example, a news article might contain those words as well.
  • Take note of the ending file type, for example: .jpg,.gif,.png it refers to an image. The name of the image can often give you a good understanding of the nature of it.

Some more important things to remember:

  • If you have been designated as a Chaver then he/she wants to do your utmost to accurately read the reports and make necessary comments to the user that you hold accountable.
  • Please do NOT navigate to a link or domain that has been indicated as problematic in the report.
  • If you are unsure about a certain website, the best solution is to ask the user about it. Aside from clarifying, it also reminds the user that you are viewing his reports.
  • Webchaver does not give a direct link to a questionable website. Clicking on the report link will always bring you to this page.

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