How it works

1# - Sign up for monitoring (and filtering if you want) & choose a Chaver.
2# - Install and use the internet as you always do. Your internet activity is now monitored.
#3 - Webchaver records any suspicious activity in a report.
#4 - Report is sent to your Chaver containing ONLY suspicious site and no other personal info.
#5 - Use the internet knowing you have a Chaver watching your back.

Sign up for WebChaver and install the CE program that will logs all web browser activity. Once a week, WebChaver receives these logs from CE and forwards a usage report to the user's "chaver" of choice (friend, spouse, parent, Rabbi, etc.). The reports can also be generated at any time online.

  • WebChaver takes your personal privacy very seriously. All personal contact information remains confidential with WebChaver, only the user's name is given to CE. All browsing history and reports are permanently deleted after 30 days.
  • Every site is rated based on its content. High-rated sites are listed in a separate section of the 'Accountability Report'. Other forms of activity, as well as times and frequency of use are noted on the report as well. Click here for more about Reports.
  • The software developed by Covenant Eyes, is extremely difficult to circumvent even for advanced users. If the software is disabled or uninstalled all internet activity is suspended.
  • Anyone may be an Accountability partner, they do not have to be a subscriber to WebChaver. If you are an accountability chaver, you can create a free account on WebChaver to generate reports and Detailed Logs.
  • For additional security, the installed software can be set to require a log-in password to access the web. Without the password, internet access is blocked.
  • The WebChaver system is effective. WebChaver can be a benefit to anyone, of any age, in any life circumstance. It is great for families, parents, teenagers, students, businesses, counselors, psychologists, and anyone else wanting to guard against the temptations of the Internet.
  • WebChaver is inexpensive. All of the benefits of Covenant Eyes Accountability are available for pennies a day when you sign up through WebChaver.

Sign up for WebChaver now!

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