Webchaver Report Ratings

The text located at the upper right corner of a report is meant to be a guide and not a rating of the report. Because no rating system can be perfect, it is important to use all of the data to help discern motivation, and ultimately to discuss the Accountability Report with your partner. There are often valid explanations for high-scoring hits.

QuickLook Explanation:

Reporting Period Too Short:

You will see "Reporting Period Too Short" if you requested a report that reviews less than five days of Internet use. A QuickLook analysis is not available for reports that review less than five days.

Report Looks Good:

This rating indicates little to no pattern of objectionable or mature Internet use.

Review Suggested:

This rating is fairly common for adults and indicates little to moderate access to sites that are considered mature, or in some instances, objectionable. Take your time in reviewing the report.

Close Review Recommended:

This suggests that mature, or perhaps objectionable, sites have been visited. It is important to remember that in general, the higher the score a website receives the higher the possibility it could be "highly mature or highly questionable." This usually requires reviewing the report in detail. The nature of visited sites, continuing trends over time, as well as the time of visits, should all be considered as you discuss with your partner what the high-scoring sites are.

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