High Rated Sites

The CE scoring and reporting system is designed to help you see the list of websites and gain a perspective of the content of the websites visited without viewing the websites yourself.

Webchaver Rating Legend

Rating Description
E (Everyone) Generally appropriate for all ages.
Y (Youth) Generally appropriate for all ages, but parents might object for younger children.
C (Caution required) May include social networking sites like Facebook, chat rooms, and games with violence.
HC (High Caution required) May include mild profanity or contain inappropriate material.
Q (Questionable) May include dating sites, lingerie, crude humor, intense violence, and immodest or lewd material.
HQ (Highly Questionable) Likely to be inappropriate for everyone. May include anonymizers and pornography.

There are several areas of the report you want to focus on when determining whether a website is objectionable.

  • Rating: This reflects the indicators associated with the website. See table above.
  • The number of hits registered for that website. Many sites, including some of the larger sites, may appear as one page on your screen, but actually are made up of many URLs, each of which counts as a "hit." A Yahoo site may have 30 "hits" on one screen.
  • The URL (website address)
  • Browsing Pattern: Is the same website visited multiple times during the same day or time period?

Please keep in mind, that you may click on any of the sites listed in the report to check the website description and rating. You will not be directed to the actual site. Instead, you will reach a page that contains several valuable tools for analyzing a website to determine if it is indeed problematic in nature. This is an invaluable asset in preventing misunderstandings, while at the same time avoiding having to directly visit a website in question. This page also contains much valuable information and tips for analyzing reports.

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