Comparison Chart
(Filter vs Accountability)

WebChaver offers both Accountability and Filtering that complement each other. Below is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Filtering / Blocking Internet Accountability
Attempts to block sites with inappropriate content. Reports to a designated person on all activity, and flags activity that is questionable.
Blocked sites are determined by a machine. Many sites will still get through. Monitors all website visits, including image searches. Helps build self- control, self-discipline, integrity, and personal accountability.
Blocks most objectionable websites from appearing on your computer screen. The strongest filters have white lists (a list of allowed sites, all other sites are blocked). They also allow optional control for time of day or total time spent by a user on the Internet. Does not block any sites from being viewed, but teaches responsible use of the Internet. Knowing that your Accountability Partner will be "looking over your shoulder" eliminates temptation.
May block acceptable (good) websites, causing frustration. Does not block objectionable websites, possibly inadvertently exposing individuals to harmful, objectionable material.
Filters may slow the speed of Internet access down. Acountability does not need to scan each page before it loads and is designed not to slow Internet access down
Filters can be bypassed and sites can slip through, allowing the user access to objectionable websites without anyone knowing it. CE is extremely difficult to bypass (even for techies). All sites are recorded even if a filter wouldn't have flagged it.>
Filters do not need Accountability Partners. Accountability Partners need to view the reports in a timely manner and communicate when needed.
Filters do not build self-control, self-discipline, nor do they hold anyone accountable for their Internet use. They do not involve an accountability person. The scoring of websites is an indicator of possible pornographic content. Information is provided in a report which is easy to understand. Internet accountability brings in Accountability Partner(s) to help you be accountable and keep you safe on the Internet.
Filtering is most appropriate for young children beginning to learn the Internet, or for any family just starting out with a computer. Filtering is also appropriate for individuals who are worried about accidentally encountering an objectionable site. Accountability should be used by anybody who uses the Internet even if filtering is also used.
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